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Individual Income Tax Preparation Since 1978

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 There are NO price increases this year regarding your income tax return preparation by us.  If you see any increase, it will be due to the fact that you may have additional forms or it could be new forms related to the Affordable Care Act. 

Professionalism & Privacy


All tax returns are done while you are here. If a tax return is dropped off, you really do not know what the preparer did or did not do for you. We do taxes by appointment only so you do NOT have to come here and wait your turn. Each preparer has an office so you are not in one large room with a small partition between you and another client. We also provide a pocket reference card to our clients which contain a lot of tax information for the current year. If your tax return is to be mailed, we provide the postage at no additional cost to you.  If you arrive early, we have a TV and magazines in our waiting room. While you are here, we have free soft drinks (regular and diet) as well as bottled water and coffee. If you arrive during rain, please use our umbrella bags. If it is raining when you leave and you do not have an umbrella, we have free ponchos. Chocolate mints and peppermints are on every desk for our clients.


We are available to our clients all year and charge nothing to answer questions on the telephone or in person. Our specialty is the 1040 individual tax return. We do not do 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990, etc. tax returns. (These are incorporated business, fiduciary, non-profit, etc. tax returns.) Service is our business, and we try to give our clients every service possible.



Note on Calling Us by Phone


If we call you, it will usually be from a different number so that we do not tie up our incoming line. Do not call us back using caller ID as that line will not ring in our office. The ringer on that line is programmed to remain silent!




Positive ID Required for All Tax Returns


Whether you pay by cash, check, or credit card, we need a current driver's license or state issued ID for all tax returns processed by us. Although we may know you personally or from years of service, we must be able to prove to IRS, if requested, that we have properly identified you. This is because we are now under the same rules as financial institutions for security purposes. It is to protect your identity.

How We Protect Your Information

We no longer keep paper documents.All of your information is stored on our server - not the "cloud" or some other third party storage device. We have state of the art data protection, requiring multiple steps and codes to retrieve your tax return information. Additionally, our building has electronic security protection and video recording.In our office we also have an electronic security alarm that is monitored 24 hours per day and now have video monitoring in the common areas. There are NO cameras in the tax preparation rooms!

One computer available to our clients is on a wireless connection, but our system used to process your tax returns is a wired system for security reasons. There is no connection between our customer computer and the computers used to prepare your taxes.



Payment Methods

We accept personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and cash. (If you ask we will gladly hold your check until your next payday; however the check must be dated for the day that you are in our office. Also, no third party checks will be accepted.)

Credit Card Processing

Most businesses now use their computer systems to process credit card transactions over the internet. We use the telephone line only for this purpose. No credit card information ever goes into our computer system. That is why it takes us longer to process your card than most businesses.

We have always done our best to serve you well and to process your information in a very secure environment. While nothing is perfect, we believe that our layers of protection are at least as good as any tax preparation office in this area and possibly better.

A New Procedure


Beginning January, 2010, our tax preparers will initial every page of every tax form such as W-2's, 1099's, K-1's, etc. that show income from any source and both sides of any page which has figures on both sides such as 1099's relative to investments. (We will not initial hand-written or typed pages not on a tax form such as a list of bank interest in place of the bank 1099 form.) We will do the same with any other tax document such as mortgage interest (1098), tuition forms (1098T), student loan interest, etc. If you receive a letter from IRS relative to omitted income or incorrect deductions related to such a form and the form was initialed by our preparer, that preparer will pay your interest if any is due. If it is not initialed by the preparer, we will not be responsible because it will be assumed that we never saw it. (Our liability shall not be greater than 150% of the amount you paid us for that tax return preparation.)





How to Open Your E-mailed Tax Return &

Other Info About E-mailing/FAXing your Return


If you request an e-mailed tax return, it is sent securely by us to you. In order to open it you must enter the code as follows: First four letters of the taxpayer's last name followed by the last five digits of the taxpayer's Social Security number. All entries must be in lower case letters with no spacing. If the taxpayer's last name has four or fewer letters, enter the entire name. 


Keep in mind that you will need to enter the name and Social Security number of the taxpayer, which is the first person listed on the tax return. In a joint return, this is typically the male, although it can be the female if you wish. IRS does not care who is in which position as long as the tax return is filed!


After tax season Priscilla and Joe both have the capability to access the office server remotely in order to access your tax return or e-mail it to you. (No, we do not have a copy at our residence or on our personal computers!)


DO NOT ask us to FAX a copy to your lender. In order to do that we need a FAXed authorization for release from the lender and signed by you.


IMPORTANT: Unless you give us your e-mail address during the preparation of your tax return, we cannot e-mail it to you. You will have to receive a copy by US Mail at the address listed on your tax return! Otherwise, you must pick it up in person. No exceptions!


In order to change your email address with us (outside of your tax appointment) you MUST send us a letter by US Mail, listing your name, the last four digits of your Social Security number, your old and new e-mail address, and sign the letter. We must receive it 10 days before a tax return is to be e-mailed. This is to protect your privacy.


Dependent Tax Returns


Children's tax returns are done for free or a minimum charge depending on age, amount of income, and type of income. Our pricing policy on this is posted in our waiting room.





Young Children


Children are always welcome, and many of our clients do bring children with them. They can even change the TV station to Disney or some other age appropriate station if they wish; however, crying or otherwise disruptive children are not allowed. Parents of such children will be asked to take them outside so they will not disturb other clients. Also children are not allowed to roam the office. Our preparer office doors may not be close to corral your child. Parents with small children will not be offered drinks until they are ready to leave in order to prevent spillage.